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  • Hunted The Boomer Ranch the weekend of 12-2, 3, 4 2016. Really enjoyed myself. Seen plenty of deer of all sizes. If a person is looking for a place to get away, relax, and shoot a deer of your choice, this is THE place to go. Will go back in 2017. Thanks.

    John Dowd, Streetman, Tx.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to say “howdy” to all who read this letter, and then send my praise to Paul Madura and his operations at the Boomer Ranch. First, a quick introduction of my family; my wife and I are Blessed to have two wonderful sons, both were in college (away from home) during this past hunting season. We raised our sons hunting, fishing and enjoying outdoors, but when they went to college the deer lease payments gave way to tuition, books, and other college related expenses. We value family time and love being together every chance we can, and we still love the thrill of watching and harvesting deer.
    I contacted Paul and set up a late season doe and spike hunt for my wife, sons and myself. After meeting Paul, no question, he is one of the most gracious men I have ever met – and my entire family agrees! The Boomer Ranch accommodations are wonderful too. The fire ring in the center of the lawn was perfect for “solving world problems” while my family enjoyed time together and caught up on the past school semester. I can’t adequately express the great time we had talking to our sons, while watching stars that we never see while living in San Antonio. We invited Paul to join us and together we had great conversation, and for once I didn’t over cook the steaks and chicken we brought for BBQ.
    The deer stands and hunting arrangements were perfect, each blind had ample clear lanes and shots around 100 yards, or longer – all depending on your shooting skill. The harvest was secondary to the time together and the experience. Everything about this entire trip was outstanding, Paul’s company, the house, the game we took, the deer cleaning and storage facilities, the family getting together, and the bucks. OMG does Paul have some super white tailed bucks! I hunted south Texas, near Batesville, Tx for 11 years, Paul’s trophy’s are as gorgeous as those we saw (alive and harvested) in south Texas.
    Whether you are after the trophy of a lifetime, or want to spend quality time with your friends and family – or both – the Boomer Ranch and Paul Madura, are a win-win for everyone. Thank you Paul for a wonderful time, can’t wait to see and hunt with you again.

    Perry, Barbara, Austin and Chase Nelson, Helotis,Tx.
  • Thank you Boomer Ranch for a very relaxing, but Heart Beating time. The atmosphere and land are beautiful. The cabin is very nice and spotless. The front porch view of the oat patch at dusk and dawn is breathtaking. The fire pit and chairs were ready when we showed up. The driveway and roads stayed in good shape even though it rained the whole time.

    I had a wonderful relaxing time. My Guide put me on the biggest and heaviest deer that I EVER SHOT. I own my own company and this year I needed to go somewhere to take a break and enjoy myself. This hunt was so good that I booked another hunt for next year and would advise anybody else to experience this fabulous Boomer Ranch.

    Billy Ray Dozier
  • I recently grabbed the opportunity for an early hunt on the Boomer Ranch in Lampasas, Texas. I was only interested in taking a doe home at this point mainly for the meat. I am not an avid deer hunter but looked forward to the experience as I have had an opportunity to know the ranch owner, Paul, for many years and have spent some great moments on the Ranch in previous visits.

    The Boomer Ranch has great accommodations for overnight stay offering a pure relaxing experience. The ranch is incredibly clean and organized and just makes the trip worthwhile. On my recent hunt with Paul, I experienced seeing a great herd of deer including healthy doe and large bucks. On all of my previous visits, I have encountered seeing large flocks of turkey. I have not been turkey hunting yet, but plan on doing this in the spring. Paul is a great host and Guide and will ensure you enjoy every minute. Whether you are an avid deer hunter or less experienced like me, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in this excellent Central Texas adventure.

    Mike Willis, San Antonio, Tx.
  • The number of Rio Grande Turkeys at the Boomer Ranch is just stupid. The night before the hunt I sat with Paul outside the Ranch House. We watched turkey after turkey work their way toward the roosting area. A very conservative guess would be 30 plus birds. As Paul watches his birds on a regular basis he has their patterns down. He set me up at a bottle neck the next morning, where I waited in the dark, listening to gobble after gobble from the roosting area some two hundred yards away. At day break they poured into the meadow. Three Toms with hens and four more Toms scattered around them trying to call the girls away. It did not take a lot of effort to bring one of the Toms to my decoys. My Tom had a thin 9 inch beard and was probably the smallest beard of the surviving 6 Toms. By noon my hunt was over with the Tom and a Jake. If someone is looking to check a Rio off their list I would give Paul a call.


    Joe Krzykwa, Sun City Center, Florida
  • The Boomer Ranch is an Outdoorsman’s paradise. The pictures you see on the website don’t do justice to the property and the exceptional game management. In late October 2016, I spent two days on the ranch and viewed numerous once-in-a-lifetime trophy bucks and mature turkeys. Most memorable was sitting in a comfortable blind and witnessing a 19-pointer and 17-pointer do battle. The noise of antlers crashing together and the resulting dust from the field was phenomenal as these two BIG BOYS fought for dominance. And they were not alone, as they were in the company of many other high-quality bucks. Some lucky hunters are going to be very happy harvesting from the Boomer Ranch herd.

    The ranch itself is spectacular with more than adequate lodging, 5 well-placed blinds, a beautiful stream through the middle, and just an overall picturesque get away from it all feel. And it’s not 10 minutes outside Lampasas should you want to go into town, but…you won’t want to leave once here.


    Mike Forsyth, San Antonio, Tx.
  • I have been hunting for 40+ years, I have been to dozens and dozens of game ranches over the years. Paul and Richard have a beautiful ranch and great operation at the Boomer Ranch. The Whitetail buck quality is stunning, the accommodations are quite comfortable (nice and clean) and my overall experience was top notch.

    I will be going back to the Boomer. It can be a tricky thing, to pick out a game ranch, but give Paul a call, email and talk to him, you’ll be glad you did. The Boomer Ranch was everything they said it would be.

    Thanks Richard, Thanks Paul. We’ll see you in the future.

  • We had the pleasure of going on a guided turkey hunt w Paul in May of 2017. Paul had been scouting before our trip and set up a perfect, natural blind along the side of a hill inside a cedar and mesquite tree that had grown together.  It was the perfect cover and proved to be the perfect hunting spot.

    We saw numerous hens and deer before Paul called up our first mature gobbler that was within 15 yards. It took about another 45 minutes before Paul had called up another great set of gobblers and we were both able to get the great turkeys we had been hoping to see.

    Even though we both got our birds on our first hunt Paul continued to be a great host and took us out the next morning to watch deer and more turkey. He took the time to drive us around the Ranch and show us all the beautiful scenery.

    The accommodations were spacious, comfortable and very clean. The Ranch house has plenty of room for numerous hunters and the kitchen had everything needed to prepare our meals. The front porch is super spacious and has a gas grill and smoker that were all in great shape and helped us cook our meals. Great fire pit in front for relaxing at night and enjoying the stars.

    Overall it was a great trip and we would both highly recommend The Boomer Ranch for anyone interested in a great hunt.


    Jared Johnston and Michael Glade
  • My first trip Boomer Ranch was in April 2016 for a Spring Turkey hunt with my friend and client. We were Paul’s first turkey hunters since he bought the ranch. Aaron,a very experienced guide and world class turkey caller, put my friend on a monster bird about 45 minutes into the first morning’shunt. I got on mybird right before nightfall on the evening’s hunt. Even with a very “comical shooting position”, Aaron called that big Tom in close and I was able to dispatch him in short order! It was great day and two good birds within a few hours of each other! If you enjoy turkey hunting, you need to come to Boomer.
    As for the ranch itself, it is beautiful. The accommodations were clean and spacious and the kitchen had everything needed to prepare meals including several grills outside to cook your steaks. Sitting outside at night at the fire pit, in the clean country air with a cold drink is a great way to cap off the evening. Honestly, I would recommend the Boomer Ranch to anyone looking for a good hunt in a very relaxed atmosphere.

    Thanks Paul for a great hunt!

    Matt Pyle, Houston, Tx.
  • My neighbor is an experienced hunter and I was filling the novice role. This was my first deer hunt so naturally I was a little nervous. Fortunately, Paul and our guide, Richard, were extremely helpful and patient. They both are very knowledgeable and more than willing to share. They helped me settle in and have an unforgettable time. My neighbor got a nice, healthy 9 point buck. I was there to shoot a doe, but was fortunate enough to get a little larger spike.

    As for the ranch itself, it was fantastic. The accommodations were clean and spacious and the kitchen had everything needed to prepare meals. Sitting outside at night at the fire pit, looking at the stars and hearing the nearby creek was a great way to relax. Honestly, I would recommend spending time at Boomer Ranch even if you weren’t a hunter.

    Looking forward to my next trip to Boomer Ranch!

    Seth Rademacher, Houston, Tx.
  • I spent some time with Boomer Ranch owner, Paul touring the Boomer Ranch acreage recently.
    I found it to be a beautiful ranch with comfortable facilities. It has exciting wildlife within its borders
    Plenty of whitetail deer and turkey with some nice quality of both bucks and gobblers to challenge serious hunters. I think this would definitely be a ranch where you can enjoy the edge of the Texas Hill Country while knowing a good trophy could be just over the next hill or on the other side of the gorgeous creek running through the ranch. Give the Boomer Ranch a try!

    Robert Linder, Texas State NWTF Board, RMEF and Texas Outdoor Partners
  • The first trip I made to the Boomer Ranch was for a deer hunt in 2015. My neighbor and I were the second and third hunters to stay at the ranch after it opened. It’s a great camp with a comfortable fully stocked ranch house on some beautiful land in Lampasas County. Paul is an excellent ranch manager and host, and we had a great guide(Richard) who knew the ranch and the deer herd well. I was able to harvest a healthy 9 point management buck that scored 136. My neighbor shot his first deer, a really nice spike, the following morning. The quality and variety of deer are impressive. We’ll definitely be back for more hunts, and I’d recommend this ranch to any hunter, novice or expert.

    The second trip I made to the Boomer Ranch was for a turkey hunt. It was the inaugural, and we were fortunate enough to take the first and second Toms since Paul bought the place. I saw all the turkey for the first time on our deer hunt in 2015. I told Paul, you have to let people hunt turkey here; there were just too many of them not to offer that. So he put together a hunt for a fellow hunter and me. Again, a very experienced guide and caller(Aaron) put me on a monster bird about 45 minutes into the hunt. My buddy got the second turkey right before nightfall. Great day and two great birds within hours of each other! If you enjoy turkey hunting, you need to come to this ranch.

    Michael Kasmiersky, Houston, Tx.
  • The Boomer Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary that provides many opportunities and a relaxing setting for the both the hunter and outdoor enthusiast. The Boomer Ranch is the epitome of employed productive wildlife practices which are apparent throughout the property with beautiful habitat and abundant game. I went to the Boomer Ranch in December 2015 with my neighbor. We had a great time and would recommend it to anyone looking for a successful hunt, experienced hunter or novice.