Always Fair Pricing

Always Fair Pricing

We pride ourselves in having an excellent herd of Whitetail deer and quality turkey in the Central Texas Hill Country. It is our goal to enable you to have a safe, enjoyable and successful hunt…so enjoyable that you become a repeat customer and tell others to hunt with us as well.

For those Whitetail Buck hunters, you can be comforted by THE BOOMER RANCH “ALWAYS FAIR PRICING”, which insures that you will never pay more $ than the top of the score spread that you sign up to hunt. You might even pay less $ than the bottom of the score that you sign up for(See Page 3 of Whitetail Buck Hunting Packages for details).

We will do our very best to enable you to harvest the game of your choice. However, sometimes weather or other circumstances may prevent that from occurring. That’s what hunting is all about.

If ever that should occur, The Boomer Ranch will help each affected hunter by giving them a BRC(Boomer Ranch Credit). The $ amount of the BRC varies depending upon the type of hunt and the results. This BRC can be used towards any future WT Deer or Rio Grande Turkey hunt. The BRC remains on file at the Ranch, and you will receive a receipt. There is no expiration date on this BRC.

We will attempt to re book you in the current season if you so desire and if schedules permit. Fortunately, because we are MLDP(Managed Land Deer Permits) managed, our Whitetail deer season doesn’t end until February 25, 2018.

For specific BRC potential credits by type of hunt, please open the Hunting Packages tab at the top of the home page and and use the drop down to find each specific hunting packages.