Whitetail Buck Hunting

Hunting Packages/Pricing/Deposits/Cancellations/Refunds

…all hunts are Guided by The Boomer Ranch
…GREAT NEWS! Because of our MLD permits, bucks can be hunted by any legal means from
September 30, 2017 to February 25, 2018

Typical hunting packages include the following:
-up to three days and two nights of accommodations at our hunters’ camp house
-up to four hunts, typically the evening of day #1, the morning and evening hunts of day #2 and a morning hunt on day #3(only if necessary)

Important! Any shot that draws blood will be considered a harvested buck, even if the buck is never found. Thus, the importance of being sighted in properly and taking a good shot.

Trophy Whitetail Buck Pricing

Buck harvest score ranges and fees are as follows:

  • $1950
  • $2000 – $3000
  • $3000 – $4000
  • $4000 – $5000
  • $5000 – $6000
  • $6000 – $7000
  • $7000 – $8000
  • $8000 – $9000
  • $9000 – $10000
Whitetail Buck Deposits/Cancellations/Refunds

…a 50% deposit is due within 5 days after making a reservation in order to reserve a hunt(cash or check only)
…the remainder of the fee is due at the end of the hunt
…any cancellations after August 1, 2017 will result in a forfeiture of half of your $ deposit

Harvest Scoring/Pricing Process

…our harvest scoring process is based upon gross scoring without any deductions
…via many game camera pictures and advice from an expert Whitetail breeder and biologist, we estimate an initial approximate score and price range for every buck that allows us to see him on camera(note: we may not be able to see and score all the bucks that will actually be available for harvesting)
…these scores may vary once the bucks are actually harvested(higher or lower)
…when booking a hunt, each hunter will be asked what range of scoring(10 point spread) they are wanting to hunt(for example 150-160). Your deposit will be based on 50% of that scoring range cost. When you arrive at the ranch to hunt, your Guide will do his best to find you aharvestable buck within that range. Once you harvest a buck, it will be brought back to camp for scoring. All bucks will be scored twice and the actual score will be the average of the two.

THE BOOMER RANCH FAIR PRICING POLICY…If the buck scores higher than the top of the range
you selected, you will only pay the top of the range that you signed up for.
-Example…a hunter signs up for a 150-160 buck and the final score is 165. He will only pay for a score of 160.

If the buck scores lower than the specified range, the hunter will only pay the lower scored price.

-Example…a hunter signs up for a 150-160 buck and the final score is 145. He will only pay for a score of 145.

…after booking a hunt, if a hunter would like to upgrade his range of scoring to harvest, that request will be subject to availability and the upgrade would cost more $
…sometimes a hunter will want to upgrade his range of harvest once he is in the blind and sees a buck that really interests him. Again, that request is subject to availability and if granted the price of the buck will be higher

***IMPORTANT!!! If a hunter shoots a buck, draws blood, but does not make a good enough shot to bring him down and locate him, he will be charged the original scored price for that buck, regardless whether we find him or not. If at a later date the carcass of the buck is found, we will save the horns to be picked up by the hunter.

Whitetail Buck Refunds

Inclement weather, especially strong storms, can greatly contribute to an unsuccessful hunt.
Also, despite your Guide’s best efforts, if no desired bucks are able to be brought within harvesting range for the entire hunt, then you will be refunded a BRC(Boomer Ranch Credit), which is your entire deposit except for a $600 fee which covers basic Ranch expenses incurred.

This BRC can be used towards any future WT deer or Rio Grande turkey hunt. The BRC remains on file at the Ranch, and you will receive a receipt. There is no expiration on this BRC.

All refunds after August 1, 2017 are issued in BRC’s, not cash.

We will attempt to rebook you in the current season if you so desire and if schedules permits(Note: since we are MLD managed, our WT deer season is expanded well beyond the typical General Season, ending on February 25, 2018.